Monday, August 16, 2010

Summertime Bloggie

[I've been meaning to jot this list down here for the last month and a half]
here's a few quick comparrisons between my split summer in China & America
1. China: involuntarily waking up w/ Christy at 4:30am the first few days of orientation
America: getting a total of 12 hours of sleep the 1st 4days of returning; a 2week recovery for jet lag

2. China: evening walks, lunches, and a park trip with my Chinese bff, Vivian
America: weekly emails between Vivian and I. Ooo, and doing random things with my bff in Phoenix

3. China: watching 'Valentine's Day' with my first Chinese roomie, cozied up in 1 bed to see the laptop screen
America: watching 'Eclipse' a month after its release, 3 of us snuggled in the back of a pathfinder to see the drive-in movie screen

4. China: filled with joy while crafting to complete gifts for my Chinese friends
America: happy to spend hours crafting to make birthday gifts& a scrapbook of Chiner

5. China: Sabaths with the American students
America: visits with NAU friends

6. China: avoiding nasty internet cafes filled with cigarette smoke, gamers, and slow computers that hated my gmail account
America: avoiding using my family's slow desktop compy to spend less time in my parents' messy room

7. China: trying to ride a child's 2 wheel swivel board and completely failing at it
America: longboarding to my Phoenician bff's and loving it

8. China: being nervous about giving a presentaion in front of culture class
America: being nervous about giving a Sunday talk/sermon for the youth group

9. China: frying under the sun at the Yellow River
America: trying to tan in the backyard

10. China: splashing around in the Yellow river
America: swimming in our backyard pool

11. China: resisting the urge to eat ice cream every day
America: resisting the urge to eat an avacado or gaucamole every day

12. China: organizing my suitcase
America: organizing my parents' kitchen cabinets and closets

13. China: juggling spending time with two sets of classmates, past &present roomates, and the bff
America: juggling spending time with my family, 3 sets of high school friends, college friends, and the bff

14. China: re-reading Esther and Luke
America: for some reason or another, struggling to re-read Mark a chapter a day

...there are of course a billion others but if you haven't stopped reading this list of mine already I'm sure you're ready to!