Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Enjoying Today with a little "some day"s

one of my fav past times with friends is to talk about what our future kiddos, spouses, jobs, marriages, and lives in general might be like.

the convos sound something like this:

AG: my kids will say 'i can't play with youuuu today, i have sailing practice', and they will only wear things from J.crew.
JR: my kids will longboard or rollerblade while wearing bows& mary janes and tiny sweaters over tiny oxford shirts. also, they will love hymns.
CS: my kids will be best friends with each other because they will be weird but i'll tell them they're special everyday.
JF: my kids will ask to read in their prayer languages. or refuse to go to church.
AK: my kids will play in dirt all day and hit all yo' kids.

Perhaps this is what watching parenthood leads to or at least encourages.

Sorry I haven't posted in forevah, I'm sure reading my blog is enjoyable procrastination time for someone out there.

Tonight I got called a catfish by one of my close friends. It's cooler than it sounds- there's some deep meaning to it where being called a catfish is a sweet compliment. It has to do with that thriller movie that came out this past fall.
The one about a man & facebook; not The SocialNetwork, but the other one- Catfish. You know, the one I wanted to see and then forgot about.

Some people won't read blogs unless they have pictures, so here's one from my week:

22 strawberries, 1 1/3 bananas & 1 3/4 apples???
HOW DiD they fit all that fruit into one medium-sized bottle?!

tomorrow I get to go post-Valentine's Day shopping at Targie with Adriane in btwn my lame-o classes. and maybe I'll find the perfect fitting sweatpants with elastic @ the ankles to be cool like my friend Jade. and perfect fitting tshirts like my friend steph b.