Friday, January 30, 2009


i have decided that i love love.
[warning, i shall be using the word 'love' a lot in this bloggie]

i used to think/ worry about whether or not i'd ever fall in love with some amazing guy, and i still do sometimes. but God is definitely helped me realize that i don't need to stress over that. i think that's why i've come to love and appreciate other kinds of love. i haven't ever been 'in love' before but it's important to remember that falling in love with a guy isn't the only kinda love.

i love Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit ( i still don't quite understand the trinity thing, but i know i love it/them?)

i love my family and friends.

i love nature (...well, until it gets gross, then it's just sick.)

-the list really goes on and on, just like i hope your list of loves would-


i really wanna love to love; i already love the people in my life like family, friends, and people that aren't my friends yet but are so incredible that i wanna make 'em my friends. but i wanna love all people, and that's not always easy. it's never easy. i love all the blessings God has filled my life with. but i wanna love the hardships too, since i have seen the pattern emerge from my own life, the lives of others, and the Bible that God always manages to use those hardships in incredible ways.

lately when i read my Bible, i come across all these amazing passages about true, beautiful love. and really with anything i read or see, i'm always drawn to words or images expressing love. i made a collage on the cover of my planner over winter break, and without realizing it, i put the word LOVE right in the middle; i want it to be a conversation starter. i want people to look at it and not just automatically think that i'm in love with some boy.

hmmm, i don't know if i've just been writing in circles or not. or if i even made my point. if i did just loop this thing around to a point where you can't find any conclusions, please don't hold it against me- remember, this is only my second bloggie.

adios, amigos :}

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

startin' out......

there is still some snow outside so i thought this would be a nice photo to begin my first bloggie with (though i took this over a 1yr ago & is a placeapproximately 1700miles from where i sit)***

how appropriate- i put on my ipod and the first lyrics are "startin' out" in the format's song, 'time bomb'. i wonder if i'm allowed to reference something like a band name or song or whatever in one of these bloggie things. hmm, i just really hope that's not some sort of copyright infringement or something.

so, yes, if you can't already tell, this is my first blog.

get used to the lower case, i'm usually to lazy to push the shift button. it's hard when you only use 2 fingers to type. oh, and i'm pretty bad with seperating thoughts into paragraphs. then again, this isn't some kinda assignment and you don't have to read my bloggie, so if you hate it just stop reading.

if you don't hate it enough to have already stopped reading, thanks i guess :)
yep, i'm also a smiley/ expression inserter. i like it- just picture those expressions on my face, and it's just like i'm talking to you. lo siento if you hate that though (lo siento=sorry, en espanol)

oh that's another thing- i like to randomly use spanish, i feel obliged to professora hernandez to incorporate it into my life- i don't want to feel like those 4yrs of spanish classes in high school were a complete i will translate my spanish when i use it.

aaahahaha, ha. still reading? thanks for being so dedicated to my blog, friend.

i promise my future posts will be much more compelling or more profound or more interesting or funnier or something...wait, i shouldn't make that kinda promise. instead, let's just say 'i HOPE my future posts will be better'... oh look, by hanging in there you even got four upper case letters!

*so long for now, to you my friend- until we meet again :}
(that's courtesy of 'out of the box'- still afraid of copyright infringement or plagerism or whatever)