Friday, January 30, 2009


i have decided that i love love.
[warning, i shall be using the word 'love' a lot in this bloggie]

i used to think/ worry about whether or not i'd ever fall in love with some amazing guy, and i still do sometimes. but God is definitely helped me realize that i don't need to stress over that. i think that's why i've come to love and appreciate other kinds of love. i haven't ever been 'in love' before but it's important to remember that falling in love with a guy isn't the only kinda love.

i love Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit ( i still don't quite understand the trinity thing, but i know i love it/them?)

i love my family and friends.

i love nature (...well, until it gets gross, then it's just sick.)

-the list really goes on and on, just like i hope your list of loves would-


i really wanna love to love; i already love the people in my life like family, friends, and people that aren't my friends yet but are so incredible that i wanna make 'em my friends. but i wanna love all people, and that's not always easy. it's never easy. i love all the blessings God has filled my life with. but i wanna love the hardships too, since i have seen the pattern emerge from my own life, the lives of others, and the Bible that God always manages to use those hardships in incredible ways.

lately when i read my Bible, i come across all these amazing passages about true, beautiful love. and really with anything i read or see, i'm always drawn to words or images expressing love. i made a collage on the cover of my planner over winter break, and without realizing it, i put the word LOVE right in the middle; i want it to be a conversation starter. i want people to look at it and not just automatically think that i'm in love with some boy.

hmmm, i don't know if i've just been writing in circles or not. or if i even made my point. if i did just loop this thing around to a point where you can't find any conclusions, please don't hold it against me- remember, this is only my second bloggie.

adios, amigos :}

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