Thursday, April 16, 2009

Because Sometimes Giving Into Peer Pressure Is a Good Thing

***warning: i just found out how to add more than one photo to a post, so i may have went a little overboard

well, you asked me to craft a new blog, so here it is
[and by "you" i mean my lone reader/ follower, adriane]

and since all the cool kids make up neat lists on their bloggies, i wanna make one too:
My 2009 Summah To Do Fun List~

*Chapter Camp *
last year was incredible...i think i could actually write an autobiographical, teen best seller trilogy about it: the journey there, my experiences at chapter camp, and my life post chapter camp '08. hmmmm...i like the sound of this- good thing i have a blog as a sorta public idea notebook!
so yeah, i can't wait to see how God will work this time :}

*Disneyland ??? *
this year you get into the happiest place on earth for free on your birthday, and i really wanna be riding 'it's a small world' (without hearing Christmas carols) on may 21st this year!

so my dear friend ashley and i began dreaming up a trip to the park for our birthday, but with scheduling conflicts that got thrown out the window by the end of last semester....
then more recently my pal timmy got my hopes up when he volunteered to go with me. we even started really planning things out, but tim can be lame and the trip too expensive...
so now i am trying to convince my mommy to take me to disneyland as a birthday present and heartwarming mother-daughter trip. i love spending time with my mommy and still think the trip would be fun, but i am preparing myself for the strong probability of not hanging out with mickey, the world famous mouse, this cumpleanos...

*chillaxin with my family*
i am a homebody- like i really enjoy just spending a friday night at home watching a movie with my mommy, daddy, and little brudda as much as going out with friends.

*interning at my church back home in phoenix, Chaparral Christian Church*
i really love my church, have grown up there (starting in 5th grade,) and i can't wait to get to serve even more there. i don't actually know waht i'll be doing as an "intern", but i'm hoping to get to work with the youth group(jr. and sr. high) and get to sit in on some teachers'/ leaders' meetings maybe!

*lots of babysitting jobs*
since my internship won't be paid and will prob take up most of my day, i'm hoping for some paid babysitting opportunities to make some spending $$$

*visiting friends in flag*
at least a couple weekends outta the summer i want to be able to come up and hang out with my friends staying flagstaff

friends like ashley and stephanie, once they return from their world travels, and friends like brookie-ookie, and friends like timmy daniel...and hopefully adriane and i can come visit at the same time

*finally getting to meet my youngest cousin*
Sedona Adams was born last april and i still haven't got to see her in person. plus, the visit to colorado will mean getting to see uncles and aunts i haven't seen since last may and even my high school graduation party!

*visiting with high school friends*
we have grown apart since i gradutated, but i still love hanging out when a couple of us are home

yep, i love being a "teacher" or "helper" at CCC's vbs. i may not love getting up at 7am for a week or trying to clean out corn starch- h2o goop from carpet and giant tubs, but i absolutely love the little kiddos that come :]

*kids' fine arts camp*
apparently CCC also wants to have this for the vbs-age kids. i love arts and crafts, so count me in!

*being a counselor kids camp in sedona*
i look forward to this as much as chapter camp. CCC rents out a beautiful (but practically spider and skunk infested,) camp ground for a week for 2nd-6th graders to come to. a lot of work and waking up by 7, but it's incedible to just hang out with these guys, and i especially love worshiping with the kids

*getting tan*
hard to believe considering that i'm now whiter than casper, but when i was little people thought i was a sun-bleached blonde, blue-eyed mexican child because i was so tan

*longboarding as much as possible!*
despite the soul-crushing heat of phx
*completing my summer reading list and movie list*
you'll just have to tune in later to find out what's on those :} i know why they make lists on these things, it's a fun mental organizational activity!


  1. Finally! We'll have to compare reading lists. :)

  2. my favorite segment were the visiting friends in flag and getting tan. you little mexican you.