Monday, September 21, 2009

beddie-time blog

Add Image Yep, it's 11:05 Sunday night and I am sick- not just sick as in coo', but cold virus kind too. I should be resting but I don't wanna. I wanna write, right now.
*****Halfway thru writing this, I realize it's pretty much a journaling of my wkend. If nothing else, read the parts proceeding the astriks, they're the realll important stuff! *note: pictures hopefully up tomorrow

So today's bloggie will be about my weekend, which started Thursday at 5:15 after my last class for the week. I came home and waited around for one of my freshman year besties to arrive for birthday celebrations to commence for her in our room. What I thought would be a pleasant evening hanging out and watching a movie ended up being a 20ish minute visit before her and my roomate drove off into the sunset to get Taco Bell...I was a little confused but figured whatever-- it's her birthday and if that's what she wants to do, ain't no whipped cream off my sundae.

So once 7:30 rolled around Adriane and I headed off to IV large group.
*****One of my bffs/mentor, Ashley, spoke and it was great- her humor & heart for God and NAU students shone through as she talked about listening for and recognizing God's voice by discussing what Jesus talks about in John 10:1-21. She spoke truth and explained how it should be applied to our lives specifically. I really can't believe I get to be friends with such a cool kid!
From large group I got to longboard on over to Starbucks, the post-large group hang out. This week I got to hang out with some favs while sitting on the newly added patio around an extended table as my newest bff, Jon Watson, smoked his cancer-loving pipe (that I love and despise at the same time.)

Thursday night was also a planned sleepover at my amazing friend Jessie's apt, where 10 girls slept over after 'the boy' left. There was fun girl talk and I even got the privilege of being J.Fo's bed-buddy. After 5& 1/2 hrs of sleep I awoke to "I woke up wishing I was dead" coming from Jessie's phone but loved it. Slowly everyone ended up in the bedroom, beginning with Ashley-the-early-riser. She tried convincing me to cancel all my wkend plans to head down to Tuscon with her and half my other close friends but I just felt like I couldn't.

*****That morning I had choco-chip pancakes and eggs with some of the most beautiful women you could ever hope to meet :}

Friday was a lunch date with the roomies at the OG, followed by shopping at Old Navy. Friday night was another girls' night with Adriane and 2 of my favorite sophmores, complete with a viewing of "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants". Loved it!

Saturday my roomates shunned me, I had to watch a ridiculous movie for my Rel. class, but Saturday night was truly wonderful! *****Homemade spaghetti sauce, bread, and spaghetti with some amazing "Flagstaff family"...Aziel said the Tuscon ppl were really missing out and I realized I really did need this Flagstaff weekend. After dinner we went to my 1st NAU hockey game and I loved it. Then back to our room for pazookie and "Hitch". Jon Watson and Jessica S. (who I haven't seen all yr!) both came :)

Today: After 5ish hours of sleep, went to my NorthPoint, had lunch with a ton of random NP peeps and then got to have TCBY with the other members of the trio from last yr+ Adriane.

***********May your next weekend be as magical as this one has been for me**************

*bloggies to watch out for next (and by next I mean actually soon): my Illinois Roadtrip, the Movement, my first Bible studies of this year

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