Monday, July 12, 2010

Nee How

...because that's how to pronounce 'hello' in Chinese.

I have returned from Chiner; as most of you know my 6 week trip ended last week.

"How was you trip? What was China for you in one word?" <---that's what I've been asked a lotta times these past several days. I don't find the question annoying like staff said we all probably would in debrief. It's just a little difficult to answer succinctly, especially the 'one word' question. In fact, maybe I do find that question a little frustrating.

And, in case you were wondering, the trip was incredible and hopefully life changing. Yes, I added "hopefully" because it could easily not be. I learned and experienced things that I could use to change the way I think and live, but it would be pretty simple to not apply those things to the rest of my life. Now I understand that I have to CHOOSE to make my China trip a life changing one.

To be 'respectful', I will be sensitive with what I type and post for all of internetland to see. So for the really good stuff, ask me personally and you shall recieve. I just had to acknowledge at least a little of how great God made my trip in this bloggy of mine :)

...ps_ Totally unrelated, but guess what.

My laptop died.
Did you guess right?
It won't turn on any more, and instead just flashes it's lights a little and makes the start up noise before shutting itself off. Also, my family just got wi-fi for the house. :/ not so cool.
For now though, I have the luxury of sharing my little bro's spiffy new laptop :)

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