Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Without Claymation??!

A few days ago, my friend Steph B ( )
posted about her home's recently added christmas decor. Now here's my apt's Christmas-itizing...

Yeppers, a tree! Last year my parents finally listened to reason and got this atrificial beauty.

To accompany our dorm tree, my mommy bought a pack of super cute ornaments. But no topper was included in the box!
So...I colored and cut this star and added some ribbon.

Our tree may look massive from this perspective, but it's really a disputable 6 footer

And more handmade decorations! These oragami cranes were created and strung by the lovely Adriane (

TADA! Our cozy tree and crane garland!
P.S.- I'm so glad Adriane and I both have a thing about Christmas trees being in corners
Oh, and sorry about the lame formatting of this blog postie. Hope you are having a very merry Christmas season!
Post-Post Script: For ten pretty good (there are really like 14, but only 10 are worth keeping) free Christmas songs to download, go to /christmas

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