Sunday, October 30, 2011

and it all started with a big bang, BANG!

My mom & I loove the tv show "The Big Bang Theory".

It makes me want to move into an apartment so I can have neighbors my age around. Like nerdy science guys that wear coudroy pants, and t-shirts with science and/or obscure popculture references, and blazers over sweatshirts.

Yep- quirky, funny, nerdy-but-loveable neighbors that I can be friends with. And maybe date. But I'd only date the least weird one- the one who recognizes that loving sci-fi movies, comics, role games, etc., makes him a complete dork.

My friend Ashley loves 500 Days of Summer. It reveals that the cool, hipster girl that all the guys idealize is actually a nuerotic mess of a girlfriend.

I say this because I fully realize that it would prob be reeeeally hard for me to be friends with a real-life pack of nerdy 20something professors. It takes everything I have to be present in a convo with someone talking about video games or extreme sci-fi things. We would have very little in common, none of us would be as witty as the Big Bang cast,...but a girl can dream, right? Also, I found out I am not the only girl who has this dream because of this show :)

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