Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Here's some long overdue jottings to you, friends:

I graduated this past Friday, the 13th! so great. [just ignore the 4 credits I have left to complete before actually getting my degree]

My birthday is this Saturday, the 21st! also great. [note that this is also supposed to be the day the world ends, according to some loon]

Yep, two milestones in a row landing on arbitrarily deemed "unusual" dates. Weird or completely normal, right?

My little brother had to dig a small shard of glass outta my foot yesterday. I don't think he got it all, so I googled "glass in foot" and the world wide web said I could get an infection. Now every so often I wonder if I will have to get my foot or whole leg amputated. And I'll be an amputee that will give talks to kids in middle school about the dangers of running around without shoes on. Unless the infection gets in to my blood. Then I'd just die. Btw, remind me to tell you how I ended up stepping on glass. It's a doosie.

Some advice: DO NOT SELL YOUR BOOKS TO HALF PRICE BOOKS. You'll bring in like 10 mint condition hard-covers & history monographs, and they will give you 7 measly bucks. Yes, less than $1 per book. Then you will pay the $7 you just got + $12more to buy 3 books you found while browsing in the store you are made to wander in while they appraise the books you brought in to sell.

Tune in next time for a pictorial blog.

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