Monday, March 21, 2011

there might be a little dust on the bottom...

Recognize those song lyrics? I hope so, because I think I like that song. I def did when I was like eleven, but now I'm not so sure. It seems like it could be a 1990s country OR soft rock song, and I don't like that kind of musical ambiguity.

Wikipedia let me know it was on some top country chart, but still...

The reason I mention the song is because I found fruit on the bottom yogurt today.
Clearly a strong connection there.
Anyways, I looove fruit on the bottom yogurt. As a kid and adolescent I was obsessed.
In the past few years though, it seems to have come up absent from grocery coolers, no matter where I look.
...Then again, I tend to take after my father who can't find leftovers on an eye-level shelf in the 'fridgerator.

Well Safeway now carries fruit on the bottom yogurt under its Organic label.
Yes, be excited!
I am, which is why I've dedicated roughly a fith of this blog post to write about it.

Tonight, as I watched a film for class that should've ended 50 minutes before it actually did, I checked my gmail to clean out spam from my inbox. And what did I find?


An email from my Chinese bff, Vivian!!! [I met Vivian on my trip this past summer. DUH.]
Oh no, I'm about to cry just thinking about her. I teared up 4 times just while reading her letter and writing back.
I miss her so much and love getting to hear from and write to her!

She became my best friend there within the first hour of our arrival to the university.
We didn't have classes together nor did we room together, but we saw each other as often as we could, like 3-5 times a week.
Vivian cared for me like a big sister and was so much fun to hang out with.

Baaaahhh <----- yes, I am crying right now :/

Annnd, the possibility of meeting her again in heaven causes my heart to rejoice :}
No. No, she is not a Christian. But I pray and hold on to hope that someday she will let go of the life she has to live alongside Jesus. I can't even begin to imagine all that God wants to do in her life and through her. I say this because she is already such a hard working and caring person, so to see God use her to further the Kingdom of Heaven on earth would be so crazy cool and beautiful!

So I desperately want to see her again.
I think she wants to visit the U.S. someday; I know she would love it :)
After forming such a friendship & others and experiencing the culture, I would also love to visit China again someday.

Thinking about the relationships I was able to build in and all that I learned about cultures, myself, and God this past summer, I am incredibly excited for my friends going to China in just a few short months!!!

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