Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Someone plzzz save us, us college kids!

[Relient K, so good]

I can't make any promises, but due to popular demand I am seriously gonna crack down and blog regularly. Once a week. we'll see how this goes.

I have homework to do before making bread dough and going to class, so this bloggie's coming from something I've already wrote.

The following is a list I compiled over the weekend of things I want to do before graduating...

(in no particular order):

1. take a picture with the Sinclair gas station dinosaur

2. visit the Museum of Northern Az

3. make ice cream from snow

4. have a picnic on the lawn of the Flagstaff courthouse

5. one last Friday invasion of E. Hart's with Jade (which was a weekly occurence our sophmore year)

6. go to Bearizona

7. build a fort city like on Community

8. go to Bedrock, Az and eat gravelberry pie

9. go to Prom (the movie) with Aziel as my "date".

only "couples" can go.

dress up in semi-formal attire... or ballgowns.

10. have a slumber party at a hotel

11. find out if the Monte Vista Hotel serves monte cristo sandwhiches. if they don't, find a place in Flg that does

12. play the best April fools' joke evahhhh

13. visit Locket Meadow- bring glitter lotion, pretend to be a vampire)

14. take a photo of every significant place in Flg/ at NAU for nostalgia's sake

15. play at the park by juvie

16. visit the dove chapel place on the way to the Grand Canyon

17. visit the cemetary by Target

18. have a great birthday bash with my birthday twin, ash b.

Hopefully finances will not be a killer hinderance for these things.

Do you have any suggestions to add to my list? Wanna help me complete some of these? Comment & let me know! :}

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