Friday, January 22, 2010

the 2 shows i want on dvd: Glee. Roseanne.

12:30am, Saturday. just barely, I am following my new schedule!
I'm amused by what's on my bookshelf & maybe you will be too---so here's an itemized list:

_1 bobble head Jesus

_2 miniature popes (Papa Juan Pablos)

_1 miniature Santo Francisco

_1 plastic dinosaur (think 'Sarah' from Land Before Time) from my church's middle school lock-in I helped chaperone

_1 tube Burt's Bees chapstick, pomegranate flavored

_1 small Niagra Falls snow globe

_1 rock painted by one of my sg girls from last year

_1 box of unicorn bandages, "made with real unicorn tears for extra healing power"[it says so right on the box]

_1 school photo of my cousin Allie in a pretty frame

_1 "I <3 Jim" from The Office sticky note pad

_1 Pirates of the Carribean sticky note pad

_1 Reese's tin (filled w/ things for another list)

_1 'sort-n-save bank'

_1 bottle of Eucerin lotion

_1 desk organizer drawers with things like boring papers, batteries and other things that don't deserve a list

_a miniature cupid that was the 'toy prize' out of the afore-mentioned tin of unicorn bandages

_oh yeah, and various books& magazines, none of which are actually for any of my classes...

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