Thursday, January 21, 2010


i've been torn up about what to write about for my bloggie lately; i know a theme isn't a requirement, but they seem very nice and i've decided i want one.

...but to pin down just one topic, really? i'd rather not.
while making a trip to one of the finest bakeries in flag i mentioned my conundrum to my bff, roomie, and fellow blogger & blog reader adriane. like always, she had the best solution: a day-of-the-week topic like her older sister implements for her blog! of course, i love it :)
so here's the schedule for you, my avid readers:

Mondays: Pranks
Tuesdays: What's on the desk of a reforming hoarder?
Wednesdays: Women I admire most
Thursdays: Movie Review
Fridays: Photos with Minimal Captions
Saturdays: Lists
Sundays: Nice Things

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